Disabled Adaptations

Adapting Home and Work Environments for Disability Access

Our wide range of experience in adaptation works means we are able to assist in improving your quality of life either at home or at the workplace.

Adapting bathrooms for individuals with disabilities involves a range of modifications to ensure accessibility and safety.

Wheelchair accessibility

Wheelchair accessibility including widening doorways installing zero-threshold showers for seamless and incorporating roll-in showers for easy entry and exit.

Grab Bars and Handrails

Strategically placing sturdy grab bars near essential areas. Customising grab bar heights to accommodate different needs.

Accessible Fixtures

Installing sinks with open space for wheelchair access. Ensuring adjustable or lowered countertops for wheelchair users.

Toilet Modifications

Installing raised toilet seats for individuals with mobility challenges. Adding grab bars near toilets to aid in transfers. Choosing anti-slip tiles or flooring materials, especially in wet areas. Installing lever-operated taps for easier use

These modifications are tailored to enhance independence and safety for individuals with disabilities in the bathroom. Professional consultation and assessment are crucial for determining the most suitable adaptations based on individual needs.

All our work has been approved by the County Council and Social Services and we have a Committed To Equality Accreditation.

If you require any accessibility solutions, please contact us on 01332 332887 or email info@lbsderby.co.uk for further information or a quotation.